Finally, the day has arrived! The first issue of Fremont Forum is now available! If you’re wondering what we’re about, check out our welcome post. As a quick recap, we’re an online news website that brings you fun articles and posts! This month, for our first issue, we spent a lot of time customizing our website and adding content. We’re excited to share that our March 2021 issue is now available!

Every month, we post a few articles from different topics; I run the Sports Column, Agastyaa runs the Entertainment Column, and Kavya runs the Art Column. Following this method, we bring a variety of content into one issue.

Here are the links to the articles:

  1. Tom Brady’s Buccaneers Soar Past Ex-Champs Chiefs in Super Bowl LV by Rishab
  2. Pointillism by Kavya
  3. Top Shows To Watch When You’re Bored by Agastyaa

Like, share, and comment on these blogs to show your support! Give us any feedback here. Thanks for reading!

See you in April,

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