Got nothing to do? Here are a few shows to watch when you’re bored.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: the Last Airbender is a series in a world with four kingdoms: The Water Tribes, the Fire Nation, the Earth Kingdoms, and the Air Nomads. In this world, people who can control or manipulate their element are called benders. The Avatar is the only person who can control all of them.

In this series, the main character is the Avatar, named Aang. He is the last surviving airbender/air nomad, and he is trying to stop the war started by the Fire Nation. Along the way, he meets many friends that all come from different kingdoms. He must learn the remaining elements: water, earth, and fire before the Fire Nation conquers the world.

Where to Watch: Netflix, CBS All Access, and NickHits (Amazon Extension).

Season Count: 3 Seasons

Episode Count: 61 episodes


iCarly is a show based of two girls names Carly and Sam. They start a web show talking about their lives and what’s going on. When the web show’s popularity skyrockets, the girls continue to make posts with a little help from their friends: Freddie and Spencer.

Where to Watch: Netflix (2 seasons), Nickelodeon

Season Count: 6 seasons

Episode Count: 97 episodes

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian, one of the most recent releases in the Star Wars franchise, follows the story of a lone bounty hunter. After he finds his target (nicknamed “Baby Yoda”), he instead goes on a quest to save him from evil hands. Star Wars makes another action-packed series with many of our favorite characters.

Where to Watch: Disney+

Season Count: 2 seasons

Episode Count: 16 episodes


WandaVision, the newest Marvel show, explores the new life of Wanda Maximoff (aka “Scarlet Witch”) and Vision, her husband who is also a robot. Although it may start off like a sitcom, the show has many twists and turns, and I recommend that you watch it.

Where to Watch: Disney+

Season Count: 1 (as of now)

Episode Count: Of the planned 9 episodes, eight are currently streaming (Releases Fridays).

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