Hundreds of things have been restricted by the pandemic: Restaurants, Gyms, Amusement Parks, and more. The world of sports was also heavily affected. The NBA and other sports leagues postponed their season for a TBD return date, back in the early months of the lockdown.

Almost a year into the pandemic, things are looking a bit better. The annual “Super Bowl” (National Football Championship Game) was not halted by the virus. However, several things changed:

Cardboard Cutouts
Is that… cardboard? Several sports leagues have filled their empty stadiums with cardboard cutouts. Patrick Smith/Getty Images
  1. The stadium’s capacity was greatly decreased. Tickets were given out to frontline workers, and the rest were sold in a lottery-like system.
  2. Because of the decrease, many of the seats were filled with “Cardboard Cutouts,” human-looking fans on cardboard.
  3. The halftime show only contained one performer breaking a longstanding Super Bowl tradition.

Nevertheless, the Super Bowl remained as entertaining as ever. Buccaneer’s QB Tom Brady threw some crazy passes, and even dished two to his buddy “Gronk” for the touchdown. The Bucs’ defense completely choked the Super Bowl LIV Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.

View the highlights from the Big Game.

The Bucs kept the chiefs at a low score of 9, with no touchdowns scored (A very low-scoring game, but do you remember LIII?). Tampa Bay, however, scored 4 touchdowns in the first three quarters (All of the field goals were made) and scored a 3-point field goal in the third to secure the 22-point-lead.

As 49ers fans saw last year, it’s never over until it’s over. Kansas City made a 21-point comeback (primarily in the 4th) to win it at the end. However, the fourth quarter in LV was quite astounding. The Chiefs offense didn’t improve, and the Bucs didn’t even need to score.

Mahomes and the Chiefs didn’t have the skills to win back to back. Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

Halftime Performance

My other favorite thing about the Super Bowl 😃 . This year’s halftime performance was different from the rest. The Super Bowl usually has at least two performers (Shakira & Jeniffer Lopez, Maroon 5 & Travis Scott). This year, however, only Canadian performer “The Weeknd” sang at the Stadium. Whether this is to COVID-19 protocols or some other reason is unknown.

Canadian Singer “The Weeknd” performs at Pepsi’s Super Bowl LV Halftime Show. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

His performance, which included eight of his songs, was amazing. After climbing out of an extremely fancy car, he emerged behind staircases and began singing “Starboy,” one of his songs from 2016.

Did you happen to notice the “dancing” robots in the stands? Yes, those were actual robots. Heads mounted on poles were deployed for Super Bowl LV, and made it all the better.

Anyways, the Weeknd sang many of his songs, including The Hills, I Feel it Coming, and undoubtedly his most famous song, Blinding Lights. Towards the end of his performance, multiple figures wearing head masks began dancing on the field, as the Weeknd performed Blinding Lights.

View The Weeknd’s Halftime Performance at Super Bowl LV.

So what happened in the end? Tom Brady got his 7th Lombardi Trophy, the Buccaneers won only their second Super Bowl (the first in 2003), and the Weeknd had an astonishing Super Bowl performance. It was the most entertainment I’ve had at home for a while!

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Who did you cheer on during the Super Bowl? What was your favorite song from Halftime? Let us know in the comments down below! Until then, see you in April!

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