Finally, winter has gone and spring has just bloomed! In this month’s issue, we have a few changes and additions:

  • Meet Simran & Yagna doing the cooking blog! They’ll be posting fun recipes every month with step-by-step instructions!
  • We’ve added a gaming column (rotates monthly with the Sports column)! Here you can find fun tips and strategies for all your favorite video games.

But, we still have the art and entertainment columns with more amazing content!

Check out our April Issue here:

  1. Minecraft Bedwars: 10 Tips for Beginners by Rishab
  2. Geometric Art! by Kavya
  3. Chocolate Mug Cake Surprise! (NEW!) by Simran & Yagna
  4. Top 5 Most Original Games to Play by Agastyaa

Like, share, and comment on this issue! It would also be helpful if you follow us, as the more follows we get, the more content we’ll add!

See you in May,

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