Welcome to the Gaming/Sports column! In this month’s blog, I’ll discuss the popular game Minecraft and the mini-game within it: Bedwars. This game can be found on the Hypixel server and you can play with up to 4 people on a team. In this game, you spawn on an island and must collect resources to purchase items. Each team has a bed that is essentially the main point of the game: if the bed is broken, you have one life left. The goal of the game is to break other team’s beds while protecting your own.

This game is super fun and can be played with many people. However, there are a few tips that I use to be a better player. These include specific items to use, strategies, and overall gameplay tips. If you’re a beginner or just need some help, read on!

1. Don’t Stress the Bed Defense

I pretended to be a NOOB in Minecraft Bedwars... - YouTube

Depending on what gameplay style you use, this might be an obvious or shocking tip for you. Bed defense is basically the blocks you put on top around your bed to help protect it. You can buy various blocks in the Item shop, including terracotta (clay), wool, blast-resistant glass, end stone, wooden planks, and obsidian. Some of these items have a cheap cost: wool only costs 4 iron for 12 blocks, while others have a steeper price: obsidian costs 4 emeralds for 4 blocks.

Many new bedwars players usually stress the bed defense. This means you may spend valuable time in-game building layer after layer around your bed. While some people’s strategy is to just focus on protecting their bed, I don’t recommend spending too much time purchasing and placing blocks. The bed defense I usually use contains only a few things:

  • 12 Blocks of Endstone
  • 16 Blocks of Wooden Planks

If you’re more of a PVP (player versus player) kind of person, then cut down on your bed defense and maybe only include wool (or if you’re a professional, nothing to protect your bed at all 🙂 ). If you usually protect your bed with multiple layers, you may want to try reducing down on a few layers. Most players take a few seconds to mine through a block that may have taken you 2 minutes to purchase and place down. Also, multiple players use TNT to destroy very big bed defenses, so unless you include Blast-resistant glass, your bed defense may go to waste.

2. Use Ender Chests

If you’ve never played Minecraft before, Ender Chests are a special kind of chest (storage unit) that can be crafted in Survival with one Eye of Ender and 8 Blocks of Obsidian. These chests are special because they can be accessed from anywhere in the world and no one except the player can access them. In bedwars, this chest is available in every game on the right interior side of your base (it may be invisible at first, so walk up to the location it would normally be in and open it). is useful for storing items you may not need. If you fall into the void, you will lose all your stuff except for a wooden sword (Purchased tools will also be there, one tier lower).

So, if you have extra gold, iron, or other resources you don’t need to have in your inventory, keep them in your Ender Chest. Do not keep them in the regular chest, unless you would like to share those resources with your teammate. Otherwise, anyone can come to your island and steal the loot from the chest.

The other advantage of Ender Chests is that you can access them from any island. If you break a team’s bed or find an eliminated team’s island, you can collect the loot from their spawner, and also use your resources from the Ender Chest to purchase something from the shop.

3. What to Buy from the Shop

How to organize the shop in bedwars? | Hypixel - Minecraft Server and Maps

As soon as you jump in game, you’ll want to move back to land in the resource spawner. Depending on the map, iron and gold will spawn at a constant rate. Once you go to the shopkeeper, you can buy several items. However, there are an overwhelming amount of items in the shop. Do you need magic milk? Or an Ender Pearl? If you’re a beginner, here’s what I usually buy:

  • Stone Sword: 10 Iron
  • Wool (64 blocks + 32 blocks): 16 blocks for 4 iron/each
  • Iron Pickaxe: (You first need to buy the wooden for 10 iron, then 10 more for iron)
  • Stone Axe: 10 for wooden, 10 more to upgrade to stone
  • Gapple (Golden Apple): 3 Gold/each. (optional)
  • 1 TNT: 4 Gold on Solos or Duos, 8 Gold on 3 or 4s.

Each of these materials is important. The Stone Sword deals much more damage than the wooden sword, and it only costs 10 iron. Wool is necessary for bridging and the cheapest block. The Iron Pickaxe is important in mining endstone, terracotta (clay), and obsidian (diamond pickaxe needed). The axe can be used to mine wooden planks. Gapples are very useful to replenish health quickly. Finally, TNT is important if you need to quickly blow up a bed defense.

However, not all maps have a fast spawner. If you do want to purchase all of the items listed above on a slower item spawner map, it may take you several minutes just to obtain the resources. In that case, only go with a stone sword, some wool, and a TNT to save you time.

4. Don’t Stay in the Generators

pls fix this hitbox | Hypixel - Minecraft Server and Maps

Diamonds and Emeralds are two of the more valuable ores in the game. Emeralds can be used to purchase potions such as Invisibility (2 emeralds), as well as Obsidian. Diamonds can be used to buy team upgrades in the shop. If you’re near (a) generator(s), you may have the temptation to just stand in the generator for a few minutes, collecting the resources. This isn’t a very good strategy.

If you move away from your base, you leave your bed at risk. Staying in the generators may also distract you from oncoming invaders. After all, the point of the game is to win it, not achieve as many diamonds/emeralds as you can. Although using the generators can be useful, don’t hog the generators for the duration of the game. The only time you will need the generators will be as a last-ditch effort or for extra protection.

5. Team/Solo Upgrades

Guide] An Extensive Overview of Diamond Upgrades in Bedwars | Hypixel -  Minecraft Server and Maps

The Team/Solo Upgrades shop is an important shop in the game as well. This shop can be used to purchase boosts, traps, and more. All of the items in the shop cost a certain amount of diamonds:

  • Sharpened Swords: 4 Diamonds
  • Protection:
    • Prot 1: 2 Diamonds
    • Prot 2: 4 Diamonds
    • Prot 3: 8 Diamonds
    • Prot 4: 16 Diamonds
  • etc…

If you do find yourself with diamonds in the game, my recommendation is to buy Sharpened Swords, then Prot II. If you feel at risk of getting rushed, purchase miner fatigue to slow down your opponents. These boosts can help you in PVP as well as helping you in protecting your bed.

6. Rushing

POLL]Bedwars 4v4 Rushing | Hypixel - Minecraft Server and Maps

As soon as you get enough materials, the main objective you’ll want to focus on is bridging to your opponent’s bases and destroying their beds. However, this takes time as well as strategy as there may be surprises waiting at there base;

  • Step 1: Get enough iron and gold for one TNT, a stone sword, 64 + 32 blocks of wool, and at least wooden tools.
  • Step 2: Begin bridging to your opponent’s base. Don’t flat bridge, and make many bumps and gaps to slow your opponent from rushing you.
  • Step 3: Once you reach their island, gain high ground and bridge over their bed defense. Then, place a TNT to drop onto their defense.
  • Step 4: Once it explodes, jump down onto the bed defense. Eat a gapp if necessary.
  • Step 5: Use your wool to block yourself in, then mine through the bed defense and finally get the bed.

If you use this strategy, you can effectively get more beds in the game. However, there may be a few problems that you encounter;

  • Blast-Resistant Glass: If you can see this from your base, don’t immediately drop a TNT. First, jump down and break the glass. Place a TNT in that spot to blow up the bed. The glass will protect the defense from explosion.
  • Obsidian: If you do encounter obsidian while mining, and you don’t have a diamond pickaxe, leave the bed and go back to your base. Get a diamond pick, and come back to the bed.

This strat. can help you win a lot more games and is useful in solos.

7. Team Rushing

Rush Bedwars - YouTube

Bedwars has a lot of game modes, so don’t feel like you have to play alone! I enjoy playing duos because it’s easier to protect your bed and rush at the same time. Team rushing is also another big tip. This is an alternate way of rushing, in the 3s or 4s game modes. Instead of rushing your opponent’s base alone (as I mentioned above), you can do it with your team.

If playing in 3s, have one person stay at the base to protect it. Make sure that person is well-equipped with armor, boosts, and weapons. Next, 2 people will rush your opponent’s base. One person bridges to the base, while the other keeps a lookout on what’s going on. Once you’re hovering over the base, one player drops a TNT, and then both players will jump down. The miner should block themself in the bed defense and start mining the layers. Meanwhile, the other player should try their best to kill the team’s players, while keeping them distracted so they don’t kill the miner.

If playing in 4s, you’ll have one extra person to PVP once you get to the base.

8. Fire Charges, Fire Charges, Fire Charges

HOW TO USE: THE FIREBALL - Hypixel Bedwars - YouTube

Fire Charges (also called fireballs) are useful projectiles you can fire at your enemy to deal heavy damage, while hopefully knocking them into the void. A fire charge can be purchased from the shop for the hefty fee of 40 iron/each. To use a fireball, have it equipped in your hotbar and right-click in the direction you want your fireball to fire. It will keep going in that direction until it hits something/someone or reaches the end of the map.

These can be used in several ways;

  • Fireball Jumping: If you ever need a quick height advantage or distraction from your opponent, you can fire them at the ground quickly to boost you up high in the air. Also, if you don’t want to bridge the whole way, you can fireball the ground to be boosted.
  • Breaking bridges: If you ever see an enemy on a bridge, you can use fire charges to knock them off the bridge. This can be useful if they’re advancing on you quickly or bridging to your base.

9. Last Efforts

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Whenever you see the dreadful “Bed Destroyed,” message on your screen, you’ll immediately have to be 10 times more careful. As soon as you die or fall into the void, you’re out of the game. However, you should never just quit the game when your bed is destroyed, as there are plenty of strategies that may help you win the game.

The first thing you will want to do is rush the emerald generator. Collect as many as you can, and then retreat to your base. You’ll can do two things:

  • Buy the invisibility potion (2 emeralds) and Jump boost potion (1 emerald)
  • Ender pearl (4 emeralds)

If you do have an ender pearl, use the pearl to travel to a nearby opponent’s base. Then, get the bed, but try to stay hidden.

If you don’t have an ender pearl, bridge to the middle and then drink the Jump potion, and then the Invisibility potion. You’ll be able to jump very high to keep you from giving away your invisibility. You will also be able to hide from your opponents and easily get their bed.

10. Don’t Flat Bridge

breezily bridging with 20 CPS in bedwars - YouTube

To try to get to other islands and other team’s bases, you’ll mainly use blocks of wool to “bridge” or create a connection of blocks. However, “flat bridging,” or just bridging block after block in a straight line, can put your base at risk. By doing this, you can expose your base to easy travel from nearby islands. Opponents won’t take too long to get to your base using this bridge.

What you should do is make uneven bridging. Make plenty of upward stairs and gaps between the bridge so your opponent takes time to arrive at your base. This can give you the advantage to help you get to your base fast enough to stop your opponent.

So which tip did you find the most helpful? Do you have any other tips that you have for this game? Comment on what you think.

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