1. Clue

In my experience of playing the game, Clue is a fun game and I am sure a whole family can enjoy it. It has suspense, drama, and many other fun aspects.

2. Candy Land

Candy land is an amazing game. It is easy to understand and great for younger kids as well. From lollipops to chocolate, this board game also includes lots of delicious candy!

3. Scrabble

I played this game with my friends and family when we got bored or had a party. The many different words that can be made with the tiles make it twice as fun!

4. BattleShip

When my friends and I played this game, we would get very competitive. We loved all the sound effects and all of the action that would go on in the game. I had to put it in this post because I really like it and it is a very fun game.

5. The Game of Life

This game can be played by lots of people and you can do lots of things. Although it’s a longer one, it’s a great way to spend time with your friends and family. It’s also cool to simulate a whole life in front of you!

Thanks For Reading!

Tell me in the comments if you’ve played one of these!

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