May 2021 Issue

Happy May, everyone! This month's issue is packed with fun and brand-new content! As always, we have four unique sections with an article apiece. Crave a healthy (but mouthwatering) treat? Check out latest Cooking Corner blog; Salsa Salad by PandaChef and lilpanda There's over 800 different Pokemon, but which ones are the strongest? Check out … Continue reading May 2021 Issue

Salsa Salad

Want something healthy and easy to whip up? A salad is just the thing you need. Let's get started! Photo by Geraud Pfeiffer on Ingredients: 1 Tomato1 small red, green, and white onions1 Cucumber1/2 cup of Cilantro1 1/2 tablespoons of Lemon JuiceSalt To Taste1 clove of Garlic2 tablespoons of Ginger1 small ear of Corn … Continue reading Salsa Salad

NBA Playoff Predictions 2021

The NBA play-in games and playoffs are nearing, and there's plenty of surprises that can happen. In this month's Sports Section blog, I'll be predicting the qualifiers and outcomes for this year's playoffs. Play-in Tournament Since 10 games were removed from the original 82 games for this season (due to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics), … Continue reading NBA Playoff Predictions 2021