School’s coming to a close and summer is nearly here! The June issue of the Fremont Forum is filled with fun and exciting new blogs.

Before we begin, we want to give thanks to all our dedicated readers. We’ve hit 25 follows and we hope to grow from here!

As always, we have four different columns posting issues:

Need a sweet and easy-to-make snack? Check out the Cooking Corner blog:

Pink Paris Parfait by Pandachef & pandachef

Most people know about Super Mario Bros. and the game characters, but what are their backstories? Check out the Extra Entertainment post:

Top 4 Super Mario Characters (and their backstories) by kreativekavya & Rishab

Optical illusions are puzzling and fun for the mind. Check out the Art Angle’s latest issue, which showcases the strange but cool art of optical illusions:

Optical Illusions by kreativekavya

Need some game ideas to play with your loved ones? Check out the Great Gaming post:

The 7 BEST (and free) Online Games to Play with Friends and Family by Rishab Jain

We hope you enjoy the June Issue!

See you soon,

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