Summer reaches it’s peak in the warm month of July! This month’s issue is perfect for a nice summer read, with several columns filled with brand-new content.

On a side note, we’ve hit 30 followers, and we want to keep growing. It would be a great help if you could spread the word about the Fremont Forum. It helps us out a ton!

Here are our four columns with new issues:

Summer’s heat is hard to escape… that is, without a cool, refreshing drink by your side! Check out the latest Cooking Corner blog, perfect for a summer escape:

Mint Lassi by Pandachef & pandachef

Need a brand new Pokémon video game to add to your collection? The Extra Entertainment post has you covered:

NEW Pokémon Video Games by Hopeless_Demigod

Pop Art is a type of Art based on modern culture, and it’s thrilling to see and make your own! Read the Art Angle’s latest issue, which explains this amazing form of Art:

Pop Art by kreativekavya

The NBA Playoffs are wrapping up, and teams will look to move players around. The Sports Section has all the latest talks about NBA trades:

Blockbuster NBA Trades that Could Change the League by Rishab Jain

Enjoy your summer!

See you in August,

22 thoughts on “July 2021 Issue

    1. Right now we have a pretty tight schedule for the Fremont Forum and we aren’t looking for a new column. However, feel free to leave ideas for columns/sections, and in the future, we may be open to applications!


    1. Nice post! Although I am the editor of the Fremont Forum, there are a lot more people that are part of it. Don’t give all the credit to me as they do a lot of hard work!!


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