Hey! For this month, let’s dive into Pop Art – something I’m sure everyone has seen at least once in their life! This movement, in ways, redefined how we saw pop culture. As per usual, I will have a tutorial linked down below!

What is Pop Art? | A Short History

Pop art was an Art Movement originating in the UK and US during mid-late 1950s. Its goal? To get rid of the boundaries between “high” and “low” art; that essentially means no hierarchy or class division of culture and art. It challenged the fine art traditions and what was widely known to people of the time as real art. Pop Art included imagery from mass pop culture. Young artists felt art school curriculum and museum exhibits were not relatable to their lives or the things they saw around them every day. So to combat this, they decided to start their own movement to make the art around them feel more like them and stray away from the art norms of their time. But where could they find their inspiration? Pop artists turned to sources such as Hollywood movies, advertising, product packaging, pop music and comic books for their imagery!

British vs. American Pop Art

There were two main types of Pop Art: British and American! Yes, for the most part they were the same, but where the artists got their inspiration and their views were slightly different. How you might ask? Well, American Pop Artists looked around for everyday things and their art came from views inside the country. British Pop Artists often got their inspiration from a different view. The British movement was based on the views of American pop culture but from a distance, as they were looking from outside the country. These little differences differentiated the two movements.

Who Are Some Famous Pop Artists?

  1. One of the first names that comes to mind when I hear the term Pop Art is Roy Lichtenstein.
    • He became a leading figure in the movement
    • His stuff was mainly inspired by comic strips and books
    • He was very big in the 1960s along with some other artists who I will be getting into next
    • His work was essentially pop art through parody
  2. Another very popular Pop Artists is Andy Warhol.
    • He was another popular and leading figure of the movement
    • He started in the commercial art industry
    • Along with being an artist, he was a producer and film director
    • He worked with Roy Lichtenstein
    • Two of his most popular works include Shot Marilyns and Campbell’s Soup Cans
  3. Romero Britto is a well-known Pop Artist.
    • He is a Brazilian artist, sculptor, painter, and serigrapher
    • He combines Pop Art, graffiti, and cubism, making his work very vibrant
    • They are meant to represent hope, dreams, and happiness

One thing these artists all share in common is they all belong to other movements of art as well! You might notice Andy Warhol’s name from the Line Art blog.

In terms of how to do Pop Art, you can do it in many, many ways! It’s a form that really allows you to express feelings and your surroundings!

Check out my tutorial at: https://ksdreamscape.wordpress.com/2021/07/01/pop-art-easy-tutorial/

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