What’s better than a modern mansion (complete with a pool :D) to live in in Minecraft? This three-story build has all the must-need supplies you’ll need on your journey in Minecraft. This easy Minecraft build is a great way to spend your time in Minecraft.

Modern Mansion Build [Tutorial] | Minecraft 1.17

Credit to Rizzial

Tutorial Created by:



Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Time Taken:

Without Interior:

1 ¾ hours – 2 hours

WITH Interior:

3 – 4 hours


  • Entrance Room (2)
  • Dining Room/Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Master Bedroom (1)
  • Bathroom (2)
  • Bedroom (2)
  • Balcony (2)
  • Grand Staircase (2)
  • Pool

Resources (excluding interior)

  • 778 Quartz Blocks
  • 448 Quartz Slabs
  • 355 Oak Planks
  • 292 Gray Concrete Blocks
  • 151 Black-Stained Glass Panes
  • 99 Stone Blocks
  • 82 Oak Leaves
  • 52 Oak Slabs
  • 16 Flower Pots
  • 12 Quartz Stairs
  • 6 Dark Oak Doors

Picture Gallery


Want to build it yourself? Watch the tutorial below! (Note: I built it in 1.17, but you can build it in pretty much any version you’d like!)

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