The new Pokémon game Pokémon Unite is growing higher in popularity. It’s on the Nintendo Switch system, and is coming to mobile devices in September. If you’re wondering whether to download it (and if it’s worth the hype), read this review!

Pokémon Unite Details

Pokémon Unite Impressions: Nintendo's MOBA Is Better Than You Think - Game  Informer

Pokémon Unite is a game in which you choose a Pokémon from the available options given to you and battle other players. You can select from a variety of different Pokémon including Gen 8 Pokemon.

There are two teams: you’re purple, and the opposing team is orange. Team up with your four teammates and take on your opponents! Starting up the game is simple: all you do is you go to the Nintendo e-shop and then search up Pokémon Unite. After that, you can download it for FREE and wait for it to install (it only takes about 5 minutes).


As you can see, there are many choices to choose from. You can also see below that there are exclusive Pokémon outfits in-game. In order to use Pokémon, you need to acquire their “Unite licenses.” These can be bought in the shop as well as redeemed from rewards (daily login, leveling, etc.).


Pokémon Unite Review

Pokémon Unite turns monster battles into a team sport - The Verge

All in all, I really like this game and all the different characters you can choose from. The gameplay was easy and fun, and the graphics were pretty good quality. Despite how low the FPS on the Switch can get to, the gameplay itself was lag-free and the moves were performed quickly.

It was really easy to pick up because of how long I have been playing Pokémon, but it’s pretty simple, even for beginners. I also loved each Pokémon’s different move-set (such as Venusaur’s leaf-whip move and Zeraora’s discharge move).

Another pro to the game was that it’s for everyone. If you’re a ranged fighter, there’s plenty of ranged attackers (Venusaur being one). There’s also plenty of melee fighters, and speedsters for those who like to move around quickly. Defender Pokémon are also in the game, as well as all-rounders, who are good at defense as well as offense. There’s even a supporter role if you’re not quite into combat.

Pokémon Unite is an incredible game and I strongly recommend you play it.

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