Hey guys, for this month, I thought I’d switch it up a little bit, and instead of talking about an art movement or art category, I would do an acrylic painting tutorial for fall/halloween! Let’s get right into it!

What you will need:

  1. Paint (I’m using acrylic but other mediums would probably work too)
  2. Canvas/Mix Media Paper
  3. Paint Brushes
  4. A Little Water
  5. Paper Towel ( to wipe brushes )
  6. Painter’s tape (optional to make borders)
  7. Something to mix paint on (optional)

Let’s get started!

Start by taping the edges. It’ll give a nice clean border at the end, but it’s completely optional. Next, paint the whole background a grey. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect at all, and it can even be slightly different shades, like mine.

Add a solid darker grey area at the bottom of your paper.

You can sketch your tree first, but I didn’t feel like I needed to. After sketching out your tree (if you chose to) take a grey slightly darker than the ground color and paint your tree. You can add shadows/highlights to your tree if you want.

Sketch out your truck, and then start the basic painting of it. I chose turquoise for my truck, but you can make it any color you like!

Paint in the details, wheels, and etc.

I sketched out my pumpkin first, and then used various yellows and oranges to create some shading. Then, I painted, using black, the stem.

I added leaves to the tree, and to the ground, and added a thin black outline, using a thin paintbrush, to parts of the truck. I also added slight shadows under the tree and wheels. I also added leaves to the floor. To create the leaves, I use cotton swabs and paintbrushes.

Pull off the tape if you had put in the beginning, and that is the finished result! Don’t forget to add your name at the bottom!

I did this in a mix media art book (XL by Canson – 7″ by 10″), so I could tear out the page, or leave it in the book.

And remember, feel free to tweak this tutorial to make the art more you! That’s the end of the tutorial!

Link to original art: Link

Comment down below how yours turned out! Also, comment down below what you guys are going to dress up for Halloween – it’s my favorite time of year! If you like this post, give it a like and subscribe! Until next time, bye!

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