Hey guys! We are hosting a story writing competition! We will give you a topic sentence/starting paragraph. You can then continue the story from there however you want to. Once you submit your story to us, the members of the Fremont Forum will vote on which story we thought was the best.

The winning story will be featured on our blog, as well as getting 2 FOLLOWS on your own personal website (if you have one)! Everyone who participated will get an honorable mention in the winner’s article. If you are interested, see the following information down below!

Contestants must enter their stories by November 23, 2021


  • Word Count: 100 – 850 words (this is excluding the prompt – so a complete total would be 160 – 910 words)
  • Please use a readable font
  • Starts with the given prompt (see down below)
  • No inappropriate/unsuitable content for people 18 and under (kids read this blog)
  • Give us a name/username
  • You must be subscribed to our blog, so the username you submit has to be the same as the account you subscribed with


Your story gets featured on our blog’s next monthly drop (December posts)! We will credit you, so keep that in mind when you pick a username to send us because it will be visible to everyone. Plus, you will get two new subscribers from us!

To submit your story:

Your email must contain the following:

  • A link to your story or the actual story itself – please include the prompt in your story.
  • The username you wish to submit under, and the username that you subscribed to our blog under (if it’s the same, you just list it once)
  • The email you prefer to get a response at.
  • Let us know if you have a blog.


(Please don’t do both – we don’t want too many emails 😁)


It was a cold, chilly night, the kind of cold where I felt it to the bone. There were snowflakes falling all around me, as I walked from factory to factory, carrying toys here and there for Santa. Suddenly, I heard a bell ring, three times, and that only can mean one thing; there’s an emergency somewhere in Santa’s workshop!

Good luck writing your stories! We can’t wait to read them!

–   Fremont Forum

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