Minecraft is a HUGE world, and, with all the new updates, there’s a lot of things you probably didn’t notice. Here are three secrets you probably didn’t know about in Minecraft.

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1. Pillager In A Boat

A Minecraft Pillager stuck in a boat.
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We all must hate having to deal with these aggressive creatures. If you ever run into one and want to avoid it, here’s an easy fix.

Did you know that putting a pillager in a boat impairs its ability to fire at you? It cannot turn to face you, making it a lot easier to finish the pillager off. The video below shows this:

2. Jeb_ and Dinnerbone

We all know about the classic name tags in Minecraft; But did you know that naming a particular mob a certain name will change the way this mob looks? If you name a sheep Jeb_ with a name tag, it will change colors in rainbow order.

Best of all, you don’t need to download a mod for this. It’s a pretty cool in-game secret!

On the other hand, Dinnerbone works on any mob. By naming it this, it will turn upside down.

3. Invisible Mobs

You probably know that by drinking an invisibility potion, you’ll be completely invisible to other players. This can be pretty helpful in combat, especially during sneak attacks. However, did you also know that you can make some mobs invisible?

By splashing a potion of invisibility on them, they also turn invisible. Try doing this on, say, a zombie, and someone else on the server will probably be confused when they can’t see what they’re being hit by.



What are some secrets you’ve discovered about Minecraft? Tell us down below in the comments! Don’t forget to follow Fremont Forum and like this post, if you want more Minecraft content!

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