“The Grinch” is a family-friendly Christmas movie that everyone can enjoy. Today I’m going to review this movie for everyone that enjoys a comical and interesting movie.

“The Grinch” is a movie about a green-looking creature with fur covering his entire body. He hates Christmas and is very a very grouchy person. Max, his dog, is the only one who companions him in his evil lair. Every year on Christmas, he hates listening to all of the noise and ruckus that comes from the town of Whoville. So one year, he finally has enough and decides to imitate Santa and steal all the presents from the residents of Whoville.

For me, “The Grinch” was a very funny movie to watch. This is a perfect watch for Christmas, Christmas Eve, or just a fun holiday movie. “The Grinch” was originally a classic story made by Dr. Seuss in 1957, and it was later adapted into a movie in 2000.

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From me, this movie deserves a solid 9/10 because of the amazing scenes and graphics, especially for over two decades ago. If you’re looking for an animated movie, The Grinch was remade into an animated film with more modern humor and slightly more directed to kids.

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Despite saying that, both movies are excellent watches for all ages. With the holiday season coming up, I highly recommend that you watch at least one of these movies (if not both)!

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