Hawkeye, Marvel’s 5th and final TV Series of the year, just wrapped up with its sixth episode on the 22nd. Marvel took a step in a new direction this year, exploring TV Series as a new way of introducing and developing beloved characters.

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD for MCU Phase 4!

From Wandavision’s mid-season twist to Hawkeye’s thrilling action, we’ve watched each and every one of these series throughout the year. In this post, we’ll be ranking all five of these excellent TV Series (Wandavision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki, What If…?, and Hawkeye).

5. What If…?

What If...? picture

Marvel’s What If…? was something to smile about during this year. With half-hour long animated episodes, each exploring alternate timelines, What If…? delivered an exciting exploration into the unknown of the MCU.

Unfortunately, What If…? had a lot to live up to, being a Marvel series after all, and it didn’t quite do that. Any MCU fan will tell you that animated fight scenes just plainly aren’t as thrilling as what we saw in Endgame. Combined with the lack of impact on the MCU timeline, What If…? lands in fifth place.

However, the new Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness teaser probably left a lot of fans that didn’t watch What If…? scratching their heads. The episode “What If… Dr. Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?” looked into an alternate timeline where Strange began training in dark magic, and ends up looking (and acting) very different from the Dr. Strange we know and love. So, if you plan on watching the sequel to Dr. Strange when it comes out next May, you might want to watch What If…? to learn more about the multiverse.

4. Falcon & The Winter Soldier

Falcon & The Winter Soldier picture

Falcon & The Winter Soldier debuted in March, digging deeper into a post-Captain America world. Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) was given Cap’s shield in Endgame, and at the start of F&TWS, he declines to accept it. The series, over the course of six episodes, develops both Sam and Bucky’s personalities, two critical characters in the future of the MCU.

This series had lots of thrilling fight scenes, introducing new & old characters. Bringing back Zemo to help Sam & Bucky was an interesting twist, and seeing appearances from Wakandan citizens was also unexpected. Even the main villain in the series, Karli Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers had a completely new perspective about post-Blip life that no one thought about.

Falcon debuting as Captain America was pretty awesome, and the whole mastermind plot unveiling kept us hooked. However, the series felt incomplete, not offering any space for future seasons. The ending episode felt rushed, and the fight scene that the whole series led up to wasn’t quite what we hoped for. In contrast, Falcon evolving into Captain America was something that Marvel needed to cover, and Bucky’s evolution from a killing machine into a hero was also pretty important as well. F&TWS lands in the #4 spot.

3. Loki

Loki (TV Show)

Loki was excellently produced by Marvel, exploring the multiverse even more than ever before. We met a new cast of unique characters from the TVA (Time Variance Authority), and we even got to see a bunch of new “Loki” variants.

Loki & Sylvie work together to overthrow the TVA, but end up realizing it’s more complicated than that. The three rulers of the TVA end up being animatronics, programmed by He-Who-Remains (aka Kang the Conqueror). We get our first taste of the multiverse & multiple timelines (aside from Doctor Strange), and I believe that they did it well.

At the end of Loki (SPOILER!) we see Loki arriving into an alternate timeline, where Kang has already taken over the Time Variance Authority and the rest of the universe. We also see a teaser for the second season of the show, which was confirmed to be renewed by Disney.

Loki finale confirms second season - The Verge

As a TV Show overall, Loki made us question our view of the multiverse, which I believe will be what Marvel’s Phase 4 revolves around. No Way Home and Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness both seem to be following this theme, so let’s see what’s to come.

2. WandaVision

How WandaVision Rewrote The Marvel Cinematic Universe | TV Series | Empire

WandaVision was Marvel’s first TV Show of the year and set the bar pretty high. The beginning of WandaVision was untraditional, starting off as an old black-and-white sitcom. Each episode was filled with jokes and references to the past. However, as the series progressed, some things were strange – why was there a toy helicopter in full color, while the rest of the series was black and white?

WandaVision: beekeeper, toy helicopter, and SWORD explained | GamesRadar+

Towards the middle of the series, the truth begins to unveil. Wanda created a “bubble” around herself (in her grief) causing all the citizens around her to be put in a magical trance. As we learn about Agatha and her backstory, we finally are treated to Marvel’s excellent fights.

Overall, WandaVision didn’t impact the MCU’s future, but developed Wanda’s character and also introduced new characters to us. Monica Rambeau, the daughter of Carol Danvers’ friend, gains unique superpowers from going through the bubble (she may make an appearance in The Marvels movie). In our opinion, it was one of the best productions of Marvel.

1. Hawkeye

Hawkeye Finale Ending Explained: The Rolex Watch, Kingpin, and More! | Den  of Geek

Hawkeye really hit its mark when it made its appearance this year. Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) teams up with a girl named Kate to solve several crimes. Kate makes several enemies when she steals Ronin’s suit from a black market auction, and Hawkeye helps her to get out of the trouble.

Throughout the series, we meet new characters, including Kate’s mother & stepfather, Kingpin (!), and even Yelena (Natasha’s sister) appearing to hunt down Hawkeye. This show solves several unresolved conflicts from previous movies – it solves the conflict between Yelena and Clint Barton, and also shows how Hawkeye is dealing with his grief after Endgame.

Hawkeye' First Look: Florence Pugh's Yelena Seeks Revenge in New Promo  (VIDEO)

In the end, Hawkeye has an epic action sequence between several characters; Clint and Kate against the Tracksuits, and even Kate against Kingpin himself. Hawkeye also introduces us to Kate, who could, in the future, become an important part of the MCU.

Filled with thrilling action, mystery, and heart, Hawkeye was our Marvel TV Show of the year.

What was your favorite Marvel TV Show this year? Let us know in the comment section down below. Like this post, if you want more Marvel content, and drop us a follow to support us!

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